A Bride's must use: Taobao! Wedding buys via 65Daigou. (:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

So i ordered like a hell lot of wedding related stuff from Taobao via 65Daigou, everything is so fast and easy it's unbelievable~

Blogged about how to use 65Daigou here, if you're a taobao noobie hehe 

So here's some of the awesome stuff i bought!

Bow ties for the groom (from this seller), love that they are packaged carefully and so nicely in their individual boxes by the seller, the top one will go so with his evening suit and the bottom leather texture one would look great for the morning gatecrash! :D

I also ordered these boutonniere for the groom! hehe (from this seller)

I got the suspenders for our groomsmen and he wore his in our 1st location of the shoot! (from this seller)

Really good quality yet super affordable bow ties for the groomsmen (from this seller) and Leon's kitty Ninja and Magic doggie (from this seller)! Hahaha we even "borrowed" one of the groomsmen bow tie for our Dino concept photo shoot!

I don't know how the seller did it, but they sell these rustic dried real hydrangens + lavender boutonniere which i got for the groomsmen, the seller was really careful to pack these well and it came in perfect condition! (: Abit bigger than i expected thou!

Finally, some pretty little things for the bride! hahaha this lovely petite dried flower hair clip that i used for my pre-wedding photo shoot just last week, i think I'll reuse it for my actual day too!

The quality is really good and it's only like $50! (from this seller)
Ordered this short tea length gown for one of a more cheeky concept for our pre-wedding shoot!

"Behind the scenes" of the shoot wearing this dress!

I bought this pair of heels on the left to go with the gown but Leon is damn blur king and he left it out and didn't bring out my white sparkly heels and one of the evening gowns for the photo shoot! *大扣分!!!* (which means super minus points for that!)

Got the pink heels to go with my pink cheongsum for the wedding tea ceremony, you can never guess how much is it!! freaking 10 bucks OMG. (from this seller)

I bought a ton of decor items too such as pom poms (from this seller), the quality is really good and it stays in shape well and it's super cheap like 50cents per piece?! it's just crazy haha 

These adorable 喜 signs! (from this seller) I didn't know they are like static sheets so it wouldn't harm your wall/glass and it stays on any surface! I was kind of doubtful so i tried it on my bedroom wall and look!

So cute some more! hehe it's like 40 cents for 2 of the big pieces, OMG SO CHEAP.
Other than wedding stuff i bought lots of nice clothes and cardigans etc as well and even lingerie! 

Even these adorable fragrance pouches which i shared with my mummy too! Baby sleepy bunny~

Gonna shop shop shop again and see what i need and make another order on soon! (:
I bought some much stuff from my 2 ordered that I've already been bumped to VIP status hahaha but I'm sure this is the case for many since it's so addictive!

Definitely gonna buy more items from some sellers because i only bought 1-2 pieces for some sellers to "test the quality" and it's really not bad!

PS! You can use 65Daigou services for Taiwan and also USA merchants. (:

Check out their Facebook page for info and promo codes etc!
 65 Daigou Instagram :

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick 


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Unknown said...

Hi Fidelis!

Do you happen to still remember the shop / seller's name that sells the boutonniere? As the link doesn't seem to exist anymore now.

Thank you! :)